Bring room visualization into the showroom with Roomvo Kiosk

Bring visualization into the showroom with Roomvo Kiosk, an interactive, in-store experience, powered by the world’s leading visualizer. With Roomvo Kiosk customers can see your products in their spaces while in your showroom, resulting in higher conversions, quicker sales and happier customers.

4x conversion rate
Seeing products visualized in the showroom inspires consumer confidence and closes more sales.

Omnichannel merchandising 
Connect your samples to the Roomvo Kiosk with Roomvo QR codes for a seamless customer experience.

Immersive shopping experiences 
Boost engagement and keep customers in the showroom for longer.

Endless aisle
Easy access to your entire product catalog – online and in-store.

Collaboration hub 
Customers and sales can better collaborate on finding the best products for their space.