6 tips to improve ecommerce conversions


Home decor retailers know the struggle of boosting conversions online, with industry-wide conversion rates sitting at a low 1.46% to 1.55% [1].

The good news? There’s plenty of room for improvement, with successful ecommerce businesses achieving 2x to 5x the conversions [2]. So what can you do better? Here are six tips for improving your conversion rates online.


Build credibility with customer testimonials.

‘always’ or ‘regularly’ read online reviews when browsing for local businesses [3]. Place reviews throughout your website to maximize their impact.


Optimize your CTAs.

If visitors don’t click, they won’t convert. Decide what action you want your customers to perform, and promote it in a call-to-action (CTA). 


Use a room visualizer.

Seeing is believing. Roomvo takes the guesswork out of home renovation by showing customers what your products will look like in their homes before they actually purchase.

When using Roomvo visualizer, businesses achieve up to ...


A/B test everything.

By pitting layouts, templates, colours, headlines, pop-ups, fonts and more against each other, you can see what works best for conversions.

In each test, you’re looking to see which of two options increases your conversions most. Test one element at a time to limit the variables and ensure you’re able to pinpoint which element had the biggest influence on your conversions.


Crunch the numbers.

Through data-driven design, you can track how people interact with your site to create a better user experience (UX) and increase your conversions.


Heat maps 

See where your customers are clicking, scrolling, moving, or hovering on your site. Then, you can move your most important content to those areas.

Session replay software

Record your customers’ journey through your website. Seeing actual footage of individuals interacting with your site allows you to identify and solve problems, such as where and why customers are abandoning their sessions.


Minimize cart abandonment.

To reduce cart abandonment rates, e-commerce retailers should ensure they are offering plenty of flexible payment and fulfillment options to suit every shopper’s unique demands.

In addition, retailers should send a series of cart abandonment emails to entice customers to purchase. A typical cart abandonment journey includes three emails:

Send a friendly reminder one to two hours after the customer has left your site. Use a subject line like “Don’t forget your new flooring, Jane!”

After 24 hours, create more urgency with your second email by letting customers know that the product might sell out soon or that their discount may expire.

Your third email is your final opportunity to get your customer’s attention, so make it count with incentives like discounts or free shipping.

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