3 tips for personalizing the shopping experience


Personalized experiences are a minimum requirement in 2023, with manufacturers, distributors and retailers expected to tailor shopping experiences according to each customer's needs. So what can businesses do better? Here are three tips for personalizing the customer experience.


Personalize every channel.

With almost every shopper now starting their journey online, make sure each one of your shopping, marketing and communications channels delivers cohesive, personalized experiences.


Use a room visualizer.

The Roomvo visualizer enables customers to see products in their homes, instantly. Customers simply snap a photo of their room, upload it to the visualizer, and swipe through products to see which looks best. Once the customer has found their match, they head to the store to make their purchase.

Powered by augmented reality (AR), the Roomvo visualizer helps customers feel confident in their purchasing decisions, boosting engagement and conversions for retailers and manufacturers.

Venture capital invested into AR and virtual reality (VR) topped USD 4 billion in 2021 — that’s more than any other year except 2018.



Flooring manufacturer Engineered Floors launched their EF Hard Surfaces brand in 2018 with the help of the Roomvo visualizer. Due to its success, Engineered Floors decided to launch Roomvo across all its brands and product lines, including Pentz Commercial, Dwellings EF and Dream Weaver Carpet.


Key takeaways


Immediate results

Launched in less than 30 days.


High engagement

 200,000 product views in 6 months.


Happy customers

Average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.


Excited sales reps

 Overwhelming positive feedback from RSAs.


Loyal dealers

More leads sent to retailers.


Adding the visualizer helped to solve the problem dealers were facing when making a sale. Once consumers could see our floors in their own room, there was no need to use imagination. They were able to make their purchase decisions much more easily, and confidently.”

Nick Swiney,
Digital Marketing Manager, Engineered Floors, LLC


Help shoppers narrow the product selection with guided selling.

Guided selling recreates the in-store experience by asking the shopper questions that identify their needs and wants. As a result, manufacturers and retailers can boost engagement, build loyalty, and increase conversions. Plus, by opening up more opportunities for cross-selling, guided selling helps businesses increase their Average Order Value (AOV).


Daltile Logo

Flooring manufacturer Daltile offers consumers multiple ways to narrow down their product selection, including options to shop by look, colour, room and style. If shoppers don’t know their style, they can try the “Find Your Style” quiz. Once the shopper has submitted their preferences, they’re presented with their style and suggested products — and DalTile captures the lead.

What are the benefits of personalization?

Improved sales.

A more engaging shopping experience.

Better customer loyalty.

What improvements have businesses seen after implementing more personalization?

% of respondents, Aug 2021

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Personalize your customer experience with Roomvo.

When customers can visualize your products in their room, they’re up to five times more likely to purchase. Speak to the Roomvo team and learn how you can boost engagement and conversions for your business.