How to use room visualization in your marketing outreach

Shoppers who visualize your products in their homes with Roomvo are up to 5x more likely to purchase. For some retailers and manufacturers, this has led to a 15% increase in annual sales. To maximize the benefits of your room visualizer, you should be doing everything you can to encourage usage. For inspiration, here are 10 real-world examples of companies promoting their room visualizer in marketing outreach.


Announce your room visualizer on social media

Promote your room visualizer by incorporating some visuals of the platform to help the post stand out. It could be a short demonstration video or a mock-up of Roomvo in action.


As part of their “Stylizer” launch, Daltile released a 20-second demonstration video showing how users can swap out floors, countertops, and wall tiles to design the perfect space based on their style.


Send out a press release and/or news article

Sending out a press release is a tried-and-tested method to get your crafted message in front of a targeted audience of industry leaders and potential customers.


In their news article, The Home Depot highlighted how the visualizer “eliminates the need for physical samples,” calling it “truly game changing” for their customers.


Make it an “event”

Rather than posting about your room visualizer in isolation, consider taking a more coordinated approach to help reach your customers at different touchpoints.


End of the Roll promoted Roomvo with a "Visualizer Event", which included 10, 15, and 30-second TV commercials, social media posts, and inserting the visualizer in the hero image on their homepage and Facebook cover photo.


Create how-to resources

You can show your customers how easy Roomvo is with how-to sources laid out on a dedicated landing page.


Marazzi’s “Stylizer” landing page can be accessed from the hero slider on their homepage, as well as from the “Style & Design” dropdown in their top navigation bar.


Run contests

Incentivize visualizer usage by offering prizing as part of a contest.


HARO launched their room visualizer with a social media contest that generated millions of impressions, tens of thousands of new visitors to their website, and a 12x increase in online product views.


Encourage your influencers to use it

Whether they’re famous HGTV personalities, professional interior designers, or just DIYers who know how to create good content, social media influencers are a great way for brands to, well, influence a new and highly engaged audience of home decor enthusiasts.

colour spark logo-spark

The Sorry Girls used Roomvo’s new and improved paint visualizer, available on the Colour Spark website, to select a paint colour for their bathroom makeover.


Communicate new features

One of the key benefits of outsourcing your room visualization to Roomvo is that the technology is always evolving. Since this is part of what sets your Roomvo-powered visualizer apart, it only makes sense to communicate new features as they’re implemented.


Quickstyle used the addition of Roomvo’s new Compare feature, shown here in action, as an opportunity to direct more users to their room visualizer.


Bring the visualization experience into the showroom

Bringing the room visualization experience inside the showroom can help drive on-the-spot sales while helping your RSAs close sales.

colour spark logo-spark

There’s a QR code on the front of every can of Colour Spark paint, linking directly to that specific colour in the visualizer.


Showcase it at tradeshows

If you’re a manufacturer, tradeshows are the perfect setting to market your room visualizer — and, by consequence, your products — to retailers, distributors, and contractors alike.


Daltile showcased their Stylizer with a large display at the Surfaces 2023 TileExpo tradeshow, winning the “Best of Technology” award for their efforts.


Have fun!

Room visualization is a fun, interactive experience, so you should have fun with it too!


As Flooret noted in their caption, sometimes it can be fun to take the room visualizer out of the house.


Make the most of your room visualizer

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