SEO for home improvement businesses

With more and more homeowners beginning their home improvement journeys online,1 having an SEO strategy is one of the best ways to improve your ranking on search engines and attract more visitors to your website. Make sure you’re covered with these SEO essentials.


Conduct keyword research

The foundation of SEO is determining what terms, or “keywords,” your target customers are searching for. Start with an initial brainstorm based on what you already know. If you sell tile, you might go with “ceramic tile,” “porcelain tile,” “floor tile,” and “wall tile,” for example. And then use a keyword research tool to get a list of common search queries related to your inputs.


Gather long-tail keywords

As part of your keyword research, make sure to pull a variety of “long-tail keywords,” typically made up of three or more words, from the list of recommendations. “How to install vinyl plank flooring” is one such example for a flooring company. These keywords make up the vast majority of searches on Google2 and are typically easier to rank for.


Add keywords to your website

Once you’ve identified the best keywords for your business, based on relevance to your products/services, it’s time to add them to your website. The best places for these keywords are the titles, descriptions, headings and content, image titles and alt text, and URLs of your most-visited pages, including your category pages and product pages.3


Get blogging

Blogs help you target more long-tail keywords and cover those topics in greater detail than you could on the more “transactional” sections of your website, making it easier to answer the different types of questions people are asking on search engines. Businesses with blogs have 97% more inbound links and 434% more indexed pages — both of which are confirmed ranking factors — and 55% more visitors.4


Audit technical SEO

Technical SEO is a set of tasks designed to ensure that search engines can access and rank your web pages. Some of these tasks include submitting your sitemap to Google, creating an SEO-friendly site structure, improving your website’s speed, and making your website mobile-friendly.5 Home decor/improvement businesses should be cognizant of image, video, and/or PDF file sizes that could slow load time — and compress them as needed.


How Roomvo can help

If you’re a flooring dealer looking to overhaul your entire site for SEO but you don’t have the resources to allocate, Roomvo Sites could be the ideal solution. Roomvo Sites are complete, professionally-designed websites, designed to optimize your search engine ranking and attract more shoppers to your site. With Roomvo's industry-leading room visualizer fully integrated, you can bring your products to life and drive up to 5x more conversions.


Turn your SEO efforts into sales

Contact the Roomvo team to learn more about how room visualization can help convert your website visitors.

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