Manufacturer checklist

Essentials of a successful retailer relationship


In the relationship between manufacturers and retailers, trust is all important. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, retailers that feel they can rely on the manufacturer are 22% less likely to look for alternative suppliers. So how can manufacturers work better with their dealers? Start with these five simple strategies.


Find out what you can do better

First, identify which parts of your service can be improved on. Set regular performance reviews with your customers, and send email surveys to get feedback on the most important parts of your business, including communication, product quality, delivery, and problem solving.


Offer guarantees for your services

When you’ve identified a problem, find a way to solve it. Better still, make it a guarantee. For instance, if customers are concerned about delivery times, consider what achievable time frame you can offer for shipping and make it a promise.


Provide access to Roomvo

When you join the Roomvo Partner Program, your retail partners can add the Roomvo visualizer to their site for free. Customers are 5x more likely to purchase when they can visualize products in their homes, which means more sales for you and your retailers.


Create helpful content

Establish yourself as an industry thought leader by creating educational content that solves your clients' biggest problems. Invite a guest expert onto your podcast, make how-to videos, write informative blog articles, and host webinars on issues like how to close more sales.


Work on long-term strategies together

In a manufacturer-retailer partnership, both parties should understand each other's medium to long-term goals. Each side should share their three to five-year plans and collaborate to achieve growth and establish long-term priorities.


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