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How Roomvo helped The Rug Company boost engagement and accelerate sales

The Rug Company

About The Rug Company

The Rug Company is a leader in contemporary handmade rugs, with an annual revenue of more than £35 million GBP ($44 million USD). The Rug Company designs, manufactures and distributes the finest luxury rugs to more than 30 countries worldwide, selling to both interior designers and the end consumer through its showrooms and e-commerce site.

Industry: Rug manufacturer and retailer
Products: Rugs
Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Founded: 1997
Roomvo products: Roomvo visualizer


Product views


Website sessions



January 2022 to October 2023


The challenge

The Rug Company wanted to accelerate sales by helping consumers and design professionals imagine how their products would look in the home.

"A rug is such a big object, and we have so many designs,” said James Seuss, CEO of The Rug Company. “It's very difficult to understand how a rug might look in your room, especially if you're a customer shopping without professional design services."

Prior to partnering with Roomvo, The Rug Company relied on its home approval service and renders created in-house, but these processes took considerable time and expense when conducted at scale. 

Aware of the importance of visualizing rugs in the customer’s space, The Rug Company sought a digital solution to breathe life into its products, which brought it to Roomvo.

The solution

The Rug Company partnered with Roomvo to enhance the customer experience and accelerate sales.

In January 2022, the visualizer went live on The Rug Company’s website on each product detail page (PDP) and in the resources section. The Rug Company’s RSAs also use iPads to launch the visualizer and help close sales in more than 30 showrooms worldwide.

In addition, interior designers use Roomvo to help their clients find the perfect match — a segment that accounts more more than 60% of The Rug Company’s total sales.

“Professional designers love the visualizer because it makes it very easy to show clients how the rug will look in their homes,” said Seuss. “They can present multiple options, show clients the size, how it matches the colour schemes, and easily convince the client to go for the rug — even if it’s expensive.”

The Rug Company - Visualizer - Laptop
The Rug Company - Theme image

“The increase in conversions really speaks to how straightforward the whole visualization experience is. Clients can choose a room scene or they can upload their own photo, and it’s very quick and convenient.”

James Seuss
The Rug Company

The results

Roomvo has played a crucial role in helping The Rug Company boost engagement and accelerate sales.

Since launching Roomvo, The Rug Company has gained more than 260,000 additional product views in over 23,000 website sessions.

As well as engagement, The Rug Company has noticed a dramatic increase in conversions. Customers who use Roomvo to visualize the company’s products are 2.1x more likely to purchase.

“The increase in conversions really speaks to how straightforward the whole visualization experience is,” said Seuss. “Clients can choose a room scene or they can upload their own photo, and it’s very quick and convenient.”

Orders are not only more frequent but also larger in value. Shoppers can experiment with larger rugs and see how they look placed under furniture. As a result, shoppers are more likely to maximize the size of the rug they’re purchasing.

All in all, Roomvo has helped The Rug Company enhance its customer experience and move its business to the next level.

“Having Roomvo as a partner really speaks to The Rug Company as an innovator, and how we are constantly striving to provide the best experience to our customers,” said Seuss. “It has so many far-reaching benefits, and I would highly recommend it.”


Roomvo creates the frictionless shopping experience that customers crave — online and in-store. Our state-of-the-art room visualization platform lets customers preview your products in their own homes, creating a highly immersive, realistic shopping experience that moves shoppers from inspiration to purchase, quickly.