Case study

Flooringsupplies.co.uk achieves 2.7x conversions with Roomvo visualization

Flooringsupplies.co.uk was the UK’s first online flooring retailer. Now, the company is leading the way in digital shopping experiences with Roomvo.


About Flooringsupplies.co.uk

Flooringsupplies.co.uk was the UK’s first online retailer, going live online in 1998. Since then, the company has influenced the entire industry, developing many innovative sales and marketing tools which were later adopted by other retailers. The Norwich-headquartered retailer stocks over 1,000 brands, as well as their own brand Nätura.

Industry: Flooring retailer 
Products: Flooring, carpet and rugs
Founded: 1985
Headquarters: Norwich, UK
Roomvo products:
   •  Roomvo visualizer


Enhanced customer engagement 
Over 2 million product views in 12 months


Increased conversions 
2.7x increase in conversions for customers using the visualizer


The challenge

Convinced that room visualization would be the perfect way to boost engagement and conversions on their website, Flooringsupplies.co.uk spent several years researching different options.

The company wanted a room visualizer that delivered cutting-edge performance and five-star shopping experiences — qualities their customers had come to expect from one of the UK’s leading ecommerce flooring stores.

The solution

When Flooringsupplies.co.uk saw a demonstration of Roomvo, they knew they had found their match.

The room visualizer allows consumers to upload a photo from their mobile device or computer and preview a product in their own space before they actually purchase. And they could do it all from the comfort of their own home.

Flooringsupplies.co.uk opted to fully integrate the visualizer across their website, adding the room visualizer button to their home, search and product pages.


“Many of our customers begin their shopping journey online, and Roomvo is enormously helpful to them. They often come into the store with a clear idea of the product they want, which makes our salespeople’s job so much easier.”


The results

These days, almost every customer starts their purchase journey online. For Flooringsupplies.co.uk, the room visualizer gives customers a better idea of what they’re looking for and helps them make purchase decisions sooner.

In addition, Roomvo has helped the company strengthen engagement online and given customers the confidence to purchase. Flooringsupplies.co.uk logged over 2 million product views in their first year with Roomvo, and shoppers were 2.7x more likely to convert when they used the room visualizer.


“Roomvo is exactly the kind of experience we want to offer our customers on their buying journey. It’s fast, it’s fun, and it helps shoppers make purchase decisions quickly.” 


logo_roomvo creates the frictionless shopping experience that customers crave — online and in-store. Our state-of-the-art room visualization platform lets customers preview your products in their own homes, creating a highly immersive, realistic shopping experience that moves shoppers from inspiration to purchase, quickly.