Case study

How Engineered Floors® uses Roomvo to boost brand awareness and ‘sell more flooring’

By helping consumers make more confident purchasing decisions, room visualization is benefiting the flooring manufacturer and their retail partners.


About Engineered Floors

Engineered Floors® is an enterprise flooring manufacturer that serves multiple markets — residential, home builders, multifamily housing, and commercial. Founded in 2009, the company has grown rapidly to become the third-largest carpet mill in the United States with billions of dollars in revenue. Today, Engineered Floors runs 12 manufacturing facilities and has over 4,600 employees across the company.

Industry: Flooring manufacturer 
Products: Carpet and hard surfaces
Company size: Enterprise (4,600+ employees)
Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Dalton, GA, USA
Roomvo products:
   •  Roomvo visualizer (Went live in May 2018)

   •  Roomvo Partner Program (Joined June 2019)


Immediate results
Launched within
30 days


High engagement
200,000 product views
in 6 months


Increased brand awareness
42% increase in user sessions
after joining RPP


Happy dealers
~2,000 retailers have
signed up for RPP


The challenge

Engineered Floors wanted to find a way to boost brand awareness and empower their retail partners to make more sales.

Driven by a customer-first approach, the company knew that accomplishing those goals started with helping shoppers make more confident buying decisions — not always an easy task with a big investment like flooring.

“A lot of times, choosing new flooring is a forever decision,” said Baylee Johnson, Graphic Designer at Engineered Floors. “A forever decision that costs a lot of money.”  

Walking into a showroom, therefore, can be intimidating for a lot of shoppers. Not to mention: the process of choosing and installing flooring can be a rather tedious one, especially when you consider the traditional method of bringing home physical samples to select a specific product.

The tagline at Engineered Floors is: “Innovation Reinvented,” and the manufacturer knew they needed an innovative solution to improve the customer experience. That led them to Roomvo.

The solution

In an effort to improve their buyer journey, Engineered Floors selected Roomvo as their digital visualization partner. And part of the reason they felt comfortable in doing so was Roomvo’s ability and willingness to continuously expand on its own technology.

“Roomvo is constantly trying to improve its technology and refine it for the betterment of showing our products,” said Lauryn Hill, Digital Marketing Manager at Engineered Floors. “They are persistently adding features that only improve the selling experience for the end consumer. We love to be partnered with that level of drive because we never want to get to a point where we feel like we’re stuck and not growing.”

“Whenever we’ve been talking about adding in different features, Roomvo is the first to say, ‘Hey, let’s test it out, let’s try this, let’s try that,’' Johnson added. “I think we’re kind of breaking new waters in the industry because we’re not targeting one gender, we’re not targeting one age group, we’re targeting everyone. We’re targeting home-makers, mom-and-pop shops, commercial buyers. We’re targeting the full spectrum. I feel like Roomvo brings the full spectrum to the table where maybe other programs don’t.” 


Engineered Floors launches EF-EYE Visualizer® using Roomvo technology

Using Roomvo’s proprietary visualization technology, Engineered Floors introduced the EF-EYE Visualizer® for their EF Hard Surfaces brand launch in May 2018.

The visualizer allows consumers to simply upload a photo from their mobile device or computer and preview a product in their own space with the click of a button — almost as if they were viewing it in real life. And they could do it all from the comfort of their own home.

To optimize the browsing experience and boost customer engagement, Engineered Floors chose to fully integrate the visualizer across their new website, adding the visualizer button to their home, search and product pages. Full integration took less than 30 days, and the site launched with 40 products split between the company’s new Revotec® and Triumph® collections.

Before the new samples had even been delivered to retail locations, a process that can take up to three months, consumers had already started interacting with products in the room visualizer and coming into stores asking where they could buy them.

After seeing immediate results, Engineered Floors subsequently launched the visualizer across their entire product range to get all of their products in front of a larger audience.


“We’ve always felt that Roomvo’s visualizer is the best in the industry.”

Lauryn Hill
Digital Marketing Manager
Engineered Floors

Engineered Floors joins Roomvo Partner Program to boost brand awareness

To build their brand even further, Engineered Floors joined the Roomvo Partner Program (RPP) a year later. As an RPP partner, Engineered Floors products were made accessible to all 5000+ retailers using Roomvo’s platform.

“For us, it’s very important to be able to push that brand awareness,” Hill said.

RPP also enabled Engineered Floors to offer room visualization to their existing retail partners through Roomvo Assistant, a free visualization widget that lives on their websites.

“A lot of retailers reach out to me directly and ask for information on how to get the widget on their websites,” said Hill. “It’s really great to show them that they can show our products on their website without leading consumers away from it … because you never want to open a link that takes you away from your website.”

Today, almost 2,000 Engineered Floors retailers have Roomvo Assistant. In addition, more than 50 Engineered Floors retailers signed up for Roomvo Sites — complete, custom-designed websites with the visualizer fully-integrated.

“Our retailers really enjoy the layout and the features that Roomvo provides, as well as the regular updates,” said Hill.

To help retailers and RSAs get the most from the visualizer, Roomvo offers ongoing support with complimentary training, webinars, and educational materials.


The results

In the first six months following the EF Hard Surfaces brand launch, Engineered Floors found that their new products had been viewed 200,000 times in the room visualizer, or 3x more than the previous viewing rate. Shoppers chose to view the manufacturer’s products in their own room more than 82% of the time, and the visualizer earned an average 4.9-star rating from consumers.

After joining the Roomvo Partner Program, the manufacturer achieved even greater visibility for their products — a 42% increase in user sessions and 35% increase in product views, leading to a big jump in sales.

RPP has been instrumental at the end of the buying process too, equipping retailers with the Roomvo visualizer and giving their customers to confidence to convert.

“Our retailers have really honed in on using Roomvo Assistant to close their sales and, again, build confidence with their end consumers that come into the showroom,” said Hill.

That’s the case in Cumming, GA, where Three Little Dogs Interiors now benefit from quicker shopper decisions and a much-improved closing rate. “With the visualizer, we don’t waste time trying to find installation pictures or searching for pictures online,” said owner Leslie Eversole. “We go right to the flooring the customer likes and see a full view of the product in whichever kind of room they are wanting.”

At the end of the day, retailers have most of the day-to-day interactions with end consumers. Not manufacturers. So, by arming them with an industry-leading room visualizer, Engineered Floors knows they’ve done their part to help shoppers make that forever decision a little less daunting.
“Even if someone isn’t there to hold their hand,” Johnson said, “this program is us holding their hand in that process.”


Retailer feedback


”With the visualizer, we don’t waste time trying to find installation pictures or searching for pictures online. We go right to the flooring the customer likes and see a full view of the product in any of their rooms.”

Leslie Eversole
Three Little Dogs Flooring & Interiors


Roomvo is the most productive tool I have. I use it all the time, and it makes my job super easy.

Joe Rabotte
Finesse Home Solutions



”Roomvo is perfect for shoppers. While some visualizers only work with one manufacturer’s products, Roomvo allows shoppers to choose from multiple brands.”

Andrew Thompson
Sales Manager
National Design Mart


“Roomvo is service-oriented and has a great product that they are consistently tweaking to offer more services, leads and assistance in order for us to close more sales.”

Robert Barufkin
VP Sales & Marketing
Tom Adams Windows and Carpets

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