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How Roomvo helped Dal-Tile transform the shopping experience


About Dal-Tile

Dal-Tile Corporation is the largest North American manufacturer and marketer of ceramic and porcelain tile and large format slab and countertop products used in residential and commercial spaces. Under its powerhouse of brands, including Dal-Tile, Marazzi and American Olean, Dal-Tile leads the industry in both design and product innovation.

Industry: Manufacturer
Products: Tile, large-format slab and countertops
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Founded: 1947
Total employees: 9,000+

Roomvo products: Roomvo visualizer, Roomvo Partner Program (RPP)


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The challenge

Dal-Tile faced a challenge common to many home decor businesses: helping shoppers find the perfect products for their homes. The manufacturer’s primary objective was to enhance the customer experience and streamline the tile selection process, both online and in-store.

 “Our number one goal was to improve the shopping experience and make product selection easier,” said Paij Thorn-Brooks, vice president of marketing at Dal-Tile.

While Dal-Tile doesn’t sell directly to the consumer, the manufacturer provides extensive resources to assist customers in finding the right products for their remodelling projects — on its websites, its showrooms, and on all dealer channels. After all, tile can be complex.

“It’s so hard to make decisions on what you want,” said Thorn-Brooks. “There are so many facets to consider. How will my floor tile look with my new backsplash? What patterns can we do? Which colours will look best in my space?”

Dal-Tile needed a way to show customers how products would look in their homes before they actually purchase. That brought them to Roomvo.

The solution

Dal-Tile partnered with Roomvo to enhance its customer experience and establish stronger connections with its retail partners.

Powered by Roomvo, Dal-Tile implemented its “Stylizer” visualizer into its new main website, as well as the websites of its Marazzi USA and American Olean brands. The room visualizer allows shoppers to compare two products side-by-side, rotate surfaces, experiment with grout colour, and filter products by colour, series, pattern, finish and more. Once customers have narrowed down their choices, they can either order a sample or locate a nearby Dal-Tile showroom or partner dealer directly from the visualizer.

In showrooms across the United States and Canada, Dal-Tile offers complimentary design services to residential shoppers. Each sales advisor is equipped with an iPad, complete with the Stylizer. Customers are encouraged to bring a photo of their room so that they can experiment with different designs tailored to their specific space.

Dal-Tile also enhances the showroom experience by affixing QR codes to samples and product displays. When scanned with cell phones, these QR codes direct shoppers and retailers straight to the visualizer to view the corresponding products. Dal-Tile has also implemented this approach in its trade show booths.

On the retailer front, Dal-Tile has made the room visualizer available to all its dealers through the Roomvo Partner Program (RPP), adding value to retailer relationships and fostering partner loyalty. In addition, after joining RPP, Dal-Tile products were made accessible to more than 5,000 retailers worldwide, expanding the manufacturer’s reach.

“A big reason for picking Roomvo was to access retailers in different networks that were harder to reach,” said Bobbie Alonzo, senior director of digital marketing. “Roomvo has partnered with most of the biggest dealer networks in North America, so just adding our products into Roomvo’s visualization network makes them available to any retailer in those programs.”

In addition, by leveraging the Roomvo PRO portal, Dal-Tile has gained valuable insight into its products, customers and content. Insights include identifying the most popular products within the visualizer and understanding product pairings — and using this information to tailor web content and structure. The manufacturer’s analysis extends to determining popular room scenes and identifying critical points where customers are likely to make purchasing decisions or drop off.

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"Roomvo offers a highly realistic experience, which has definitely helped shoppers visualize their renovations and be sure about their product selection."

Bobbie Alonzo
Senior Director of Digital Marketing

The results

Roomvo has played a crucial role in enhancing Dal-Tile’s customer experience and simplifying the product selection process.

“Offering such a realistic experience has definitely helped shoppers visualize their renovations and be sure about their product selection,” said Alonzo.

In addition, Roomvo has increased on-site engagement significantly. On average each month, Dal-Tile and its sister brands’ products are viewed more than 240,000 times in the visualizer across 25,000 website sessions.

The visualizer has helped boost engagement on dealer sites too, as well as getting more Dal-Tile products into more stores. Since partnering with Roomvo, over 800 additional dealers have started carrying Dal-Tile, Marazzi USA, and American Olean products.

Roomvo has also played a pivotal role in creating immersive experiences at tradeshows. The manufacturer harnessed the visualizer to help industry folks explore curated product selections at Surfaces 2023 TileExpo, earning recognition with the “Best of Technology” award for its innovation.

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Roomvo creates the frictionless shopping experience that customers crave — online and in-store. Our state-of-the-art room visualization platform lets customers preview your products in their own homes, creating a highly immersive, realistic shopping experience that moves shoppers from inspiration to purchase, quickly.